Facebook API Client: Pearl Cards

Pearl Cards

Time Period
August 2009-October 2009

Services provided:


The Challenge

PearlCards had an existing Facebook application written in Ruby, and as they updated it, they wanted to integrate their existing Ruby code with Facebook’s then-new Data Store API (which allows Facebook application developers to store their data on Facebook’s servers rather than their own). However, the official Facebook Data Store API client was written in PHP, making it incompatible with PearlCards’s existing code, and the existing Ruby Facebook API client, Facebooker, did not support the Data Store; so PearlCards needed a custom solution to hook their code up to the Data Store.

Our Solution

We wrote a Ruby client for the Facebook Data Store API, which provides API functions in Ruby that easily enable developers to upload or retrieve data to and from the Data Store. We then updated the Pearl Cards code to use our client’s functions to access the Data Store.


By using our client code, Pearl Cards was able to maintain their existing codebase while switching to the Data Store for their data. Our code is also publicly available on GitHub for other developers to use and improve.