Dioptrice Telescope Archive Goes Live

posted on: February 24th, 2014

dioptrice5 We've been working with the Adler for several years, helping them upgrade and digitize their collections of historical information. The Dioptrice Telescope Archive is one of the Adler's biggest data collections; they record information not just about items in the Adler's collection, but about all known telescopes from the time period. This winter, we were able to bring live the latest iteration of this project live on the internet. We worked with historian of science Stephen Case to program the digital back-end — a MySQL database with an interface based on Ruby on Rails — that now supports the web-based version of the archive. Available at, the online database is easily browseable and searchable; historians of science can search for specific astronomers and get technical details, while interested laypeople can visually browse through the collections and see images of both the telescopes and the astronomers who worked with them. The Dioptrice archive was also described and publicized in Motherboard and Science. We're very pleased to see this long-term project from the Adler reach a new stage of public accessibility with our web-based interface!

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LendSquare: Crowdsourced Loans for Small Businesses

posted on: February 10th, 2014

Our friends at LendSquare have just re-launched their Illinois community lending site with over $300,000 in loans on the site! LendSquare helps ordinary people invest in small businesses in their neighborhood. Loans as small as $10 from individual supporters are aggregated into loans of thousands of dollars that local businesses use to expand and grow. Businesses pay interest back to their customers, rather than relying on high-interest credit card debt or doing without needed improvements. Parallactic worked with LendSquare in 2012 and 2013 to design and build the initial version of the back-end data architecture that automates the aggregated loans; our system handles packaging the small loans into larger ones, automatic calculation of interest and fees, and Dwolla payments for both the initial loan and the repayment. We're psyched to see LendSquare operating in our community and we look forward to seeing their effects on local businesses!

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Fly Over the City

posted on: January 16th, 2014

We've been working for a few years with Boston bike couriers Fly Over the City, and we recently helped them launch a new version of the Rails-driven website we programmed for them. The new site has a fresh new look for the public-facing aspects of it, but the core of the project is the database-driven back-end, visible to FOTC's dispatchers, messengers, and clients. Screenshot from 2013-11-07 14:54:27 This system handles hundreds of jobs a day and provides real-time tracking for clients and an efficient job-assigning system for dispatchers and messengers. In our recent rewrite we added support for FOTC's expansion to New York and other cities; we also improved the site's mobile interface so that messengers can easily update job status from their smartphones, enhanced the site's invoicing capabilities, and added the capability to store pictures and signatures for jobs. We look forward to continuing to work with FOTC to keep their site congruent with their needs as they continue to grow their business!

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WordPress Development

posted on: January 17th, 2012

We're big fans of free and open-source software here at Parallactic -- why re-invent the wheel when other developers have already created effective wheels that we can freely copy, re-use, and customize?


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SFBeta and affiliates — WordPress sites

posted on: May 27th, 2011

Web Production and WordPress Development Parallactic is pleased to add SFBeta to its client list this year! (more…)

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