Correspondence Database: Adler Planetarium


The Challenge

The Adler Planetarium and Museum came to us with an unsupported, outdated Mac database full of valuable historical correspondences from the life of Sir John Herschel. Searching took 15 minutes and had to be done on a specific computer with special software, and there was no way to correct errors or update the catalog.

Our Solution

We designed a database to store the same data in a modern, convertible format. We imported the old data into our new, flexible database, and designed and built a web-based front-end to view and edit the data. We also imported and made accessible on the web a huge amount of bibliographic and secondary material that was previously only available in a specialized paper publication.


Now, researchers can search the data from anywhere, instantly. And Adler staff can vet suggestions from collaborators around the globe and update the catalog online.