• The Adler Planetarium

    uses our web-based database to maintain their comprehensive index of historical telescopes in collaboration with academics around the world. learn more...

  • Open Produce

    uses our interactive tool, hooked up directly to their point of sale software, to view data the instant a sale is made and visualize their profitability hour-by-hour. learn more...

  • LendSquare

    We developed the initial back-end for LendSquare, a local Chicago company that consolidates small loans from customers into medium-sized loans for small businesses. learn more...

  • Fly Over the City

    uses our custom-designed and built dispatching system to keep their busy bike messenger service up-to-the-minute with the status of the day's jobs. learn more

  • See Your Data

    See Your Data
    • interactive graphs
    • dynamic maps
    • sorted realtime search results
  • Know Your Data

    Know Your Data
    • data architecture redesigned
    • integrate multiple databases
    • access your information from anywhere
  • Use Your Data

    Use Your Data
    • turn data into direction
    • make informed, profitable decisions
    • use your knowledge for business or research

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Parallactic immediately grasps the problem I’m trying to solve and how to solve it. Highly competent, and a great pleasure to work with.
Marvin Bolt
VP for Collections, Adler Planetarium

We would recommend using Parallactic to anyone looking for a great development team.
Stephanie Konow and Katie Bommarito
Owners, Chicago Rentals Direct

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